Test Strategy – Portfolio related questions

It is good to make a portfolio of the project that will help in finding clients SLA to their customers, availability of the Artifacts, test basis etc.

Test Basis Related

  1. Do you have the test bases? Is so, what are those?
  2. Could you please share with us your previous test basis, which might include test cases, test results, bug reports and so on and so forth?
  3. Could you please share with us the architecture and Design documents?

Product Related- Non-Functional

Could you please share with us?

  1. How stable is the product?
  2. How frequently the product crashes?
  3. What are the MTBF and MTTF?
  4. Specific patterns of the product crashes, if any?
  5. How frequently the application undergoes changes?
  6. Is there any Change Management in the process?
  7. Do you foresee this product be retiring in the couple of years to adapt the new technologies?
  8. Do you have any migration plan?
  9. Do you have identified the new technologies and platforms?
  10. On what time zones the application will be running?
  11. Do you need multilingual support?
  12. You have any planned security measures?
  13. What are the security protocols this product will use?
  14. If you need role based security levels?
  15. If you have any pain areas in the current look and feel of the system?
  16. If the current system in intuitive by nature?
  17. If you want your system to be portable?

SLA, IPR, Support and Impact of Failure Related

Could you please share with us?

  1. Your support SLAs with your customers?
  2. The sensitivity aspects of your customer artifacts?
  3. Is there any IP involved in any of your customer or your artifacts?
  4. Is the application data intensive?
  5. Will you provide us the data generator tools or we need to create this on our own.
  6. What are the platforms you would like to support?
  7. What is the impact of failure of this product on your business and on your end customer?
  8. What are the liabilities in cases of failure of this product?
  9. What the logistic support required and how they will be achieved?

Back up and Disaster Recovery Related

  1. Do you need daily/weekly /Monthly backups?
  2. Do you have a disaster Recovery plan in place?

Status Reporting and Vendor Interaction Related

  1. If you have any reporting and meeting protocols in place for example Daily status calls over VC or telephone etc.
  2. The protocol involved in interacting with your other vendors?

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