Test Strategy – Process Understanding Questions

In cases, where client is already following some processes to manage various phases, then it becomes very critical for the Test Managers to understand them. These process related questions helps in finding the existing processes, their maturity, shortcomings, limitations etc. It helps Test Manager to decide Test Approach, Test Deliverables, etc.

Testing Model/Process

  1. RUP/WaterFall
  2. Agile Scrum

Requirement Management Process:

  1. Do you have any standard template for Requirement Specification?
  2. Who will be the points of contact?
  3. Are there any Key Agreement points for Requirement?
  4. What are the Test basis documents that you would provide?
  5. Do you have any Requirements Traceability Metrics?

Test Management Process

  1. Would you please describe the Model you use for Testing?
  2. How is it aligned with the Development life cycle?
  3. What are the different phases of testing?
  4. What are the Metrics to be provided?

Environment Management

  1. Would you please describe the Platform?
  2. What is the automation framework and license dependency?
  3. Who will provide the test bed and supports?
  4. Is the system to be test is the stand alone system or Depends on the External system?
  5. Where do we receive inputs to the system?
  6. Where we need to supply the output to?

Release Management

  1. What are the entry and Exit criteria for the Release process?
  2. Are there any intermediate releases and what is the Frequency of the releases?
  3. What are the deliverables as part of each release?

Change Management

  1. Who are the stake holders for the change?
  2. What is the CR intimation procedure?

Configuration management

  1. What is the configuration management tool to be used?
  2. Who is responsible for the Configuration Management?
  3. Who is responsible for the build?
  4. Is build use any Automation tool? Is so, what about licensing and use?

Defect Management

  1. What is the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for defect turnaround time?
  2. What is the tool be to used for defect management?
  3. What are the criteria for Root Cause Analysis (RCA)?

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