Test Strategy – Requirement Elicitation Questions

There questions will help in finding the data/information about the Target project such as functional/nonfunctional priorities, potential risks. These questions basically helps in finding the types of testing to be performed.


  1. Do you have any kind of special Non-Functional Requirement? (Performance, Security, Usability, Localization, Browser/OS Compatibility)
  2. What are the applications/Modules that you need to be tested?
  3. Do you have any interoperability requirements?
  4. What are the upstream/downstream processes and are they also in the scope?
  5. Is there any migration activity for which testing is to be performed / planned?


  1. Are experiencing any network connectivity issues?
  2. Do you have a need for the protecting the sensitive data from leakage?
  3. Do you have issues with expertise availability in Testing/Process/Technology area?
  4. What is the average experience of the developers engaged in the Project?


  1. What are your requirements with respect to the application availability and response time?
  2. What is the maximum permissible number of Defects (Critical/major) ini the application in production?


  1. Do you have any limitations with respect to the Network bandwidth?
  2. Do you have any budget constraints with respect to the Tools usage?
  3. Do you have any budget constraints with respect to Resources?
  4. Do you have any constraints while performing Remote Testing?

Application Size:

  1. What is the application size in terms of the number of the function points?

Dev Effort / Size:

  1. What is the effort that was put into the Development activities for the application?
  2. What was the size of the development team?

Current Project Status:

  1. At what stage is the current application with respect to SDLC /Maintenance?
  2. What is the status of the various test Artifacts and test base documents?
  3. Are the requirements in the form of Requirements Models or in the form of an RS documents?

Testing Team:

  1. What is the current testing team size?
  2. What is the Team composition with respect to skills/experience?


  1. Do you have any plans for automation?
  2. What are the existing automation artifacts available? (Scripts, Design documents, Execution/ Coverage reports)
  3. Do you have any specific vendor preference for the automation?

Process maturity:

  1. What is the current maturity level of Development Process (CMM/ISO Standards)
  2. What is the current maturity level of Testing Process (CMM/ISO Standards)

Pain Areas:

  1. Do you have any issues with respect to the Application Downtime/ Instability
  2. Are you experiencing any application Performance Issue?
  3. Are you experiencing any Compatibility issues across platforms / OS /Browsers?
  4. Do you have any concerns with respect to Security, Reliability, Usability ratings?


  1. What is the domain area in which the application operates?
  2. What is the Service line for the application within the domain? (Mission critical, Real Time app, Embedded systems, Internet app, client / Server app, Mainframe.)

Testing Challenges:

  1. Do you have any challenges with respect to the Lack of Technology / Tool Expertise within your current team?
  2. Do you face issues with respect to thigh cost of Subject Matter Experts?
  3. Do you have any challenges with respect to the lack of expertise in testing/ Processes/ Methodologies?
  4. Do you face frequent Delays in deliverables from the development team?
  5. Do you have pressing needs for the Reducing Testing Lifecycles time?
  6. Do you have the need to go in for Frequent Change Requests?
  7. Is there lack of Clarity in the Requirements?
  8. Is the application having stability issues?
  9. Is your team facing Attrition problems?

User Base:

  1. How many users does your system have?
  2. What is the experience level of the users?
  3. Where are the Users located? (Timezones)
  4. Are you facing problems supporting varying time zones? (With respect to the distributed applications, batch processes)

Platform – Hosting, Hardware/Software:

  1. Does the Test Environment simulate the production environment? If not, please provide the actual configuration of both the environments?
  2. What is the platform your application is hosted in? (Unix/Linux/Solaris/Windows/Others)?
  3. What is the Configuration of the servers?
  4. What is the network speed?
  5. What is the typical Desktop Configuration used?
  6. What is the Database size?
  7. What is the Application server used? (Weblogix, Websphare, Apache Web server, IIS)
  8. What is the database used? (Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2)
  9. What is the Technology Used? (java/J2EE, .NET, SAP, SOA)
  10. What is the Middleware used? (Tibco, MQ Series)
  11. Do you have any legacy Systems and are there any plans for the porting the same?
  12. What are the Development tools used? (Eclipse, Netbeans)
  13. What are the Testing tools used? (Open source, Licensed, name of the vendor)
  14. Who will be bearing the Licensing costs?


  1. Are there any regulation compliance specific requirements? E.g HIPPA, SOX
  2. Are there clustering, Load Balancing mechanisms in place?
  3. What is the current application maintenance cost with respect to the technical support and environment setup?

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