Test Strategy – Service Level Management Questions

Business Objective and Success Factor Related

  1. What are the business objectives?
  2. What are the critical success factors for this project?
  3. Have you defined SLA’s?
  4. What are the entry and exit criteria for each of the Testing phase?
  5. What is the % of Regression Test bed that can be reused?
  6. What % of the test cases has been automated?
  7. What deliverables do you normally expect from us?

Test Basis Related

  1. Do you have well defined requirements document?
  2. Do you have functional specification document?
  3. Are the design documents are available? If yes, can you share them?
  4. Can you share the architecture document?
  5. Are interface specification documents available?
  6. Do you maintain traceability matrix?
  7. Can you share the available test cases?
  8. Do you have the regression test bed?

Knowledge Transfer and Training Related

  1. We expect the Client to provide us knowledge transfer/hands-on on the tools/product. Please validate our assumption.
  2. What are the different tools used for: Test Management, Defect Management, Automation etc ?
  3. Can you share the licenses of the 3rd party tools?
  4. As we don’t have the competency on XXX product/tool, can you bear the cost of Training?
  5. Are there any special training required for this project?
  6. What is the License period of the software?

Metrics Related

  1. Do you need Metrics?
  2. What are the different Metrics you capture?
  3. What the Metrics captured for measuring productivity?

Status Reporting, Monitoring and Control Related

  1. What are the metrics that are expected from Sr. Level Management?
  2. Do you publish Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports?
  3. Do you have any dashboards for reporting?
  4. How many defects are uncovered during production?
  5. Please provide the point of contact for Escalation?

Warranty and Support Related

  1. What is the Warranty period?
  2. Do you have annual maintenance Contract?
  3. Can you share the trouble Tickets data for the past one yeas?
  4. What are the support hours?

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