Test Strategy and Test Plan; Difference

Test Strategy and Test Plan are two different documents which are developed for different audience with different objective.

Test Strategy defines the overall approach that will be taken by the Test Team when delivering testing services to client. It helps various stakeholders to understand the testing activities, roles and responsibilities, processes and practices to be used during Testing of a project/Product.

Test strategy conveys:

  1. The Business of the Test Project
  2. Test Deliverable
  3. Standards to be followed
  4. Automation tools
  5. Testing Measurements and matrices
  6. Risk identification and Mitigation
  7. Defect Tracking process
  8. Change Management process
  9. Configuration management
  10. Roles and Responsibilities
  11. Communication and status reporting process
  12. Training Plans
# Test Strategy Test Plan
1 Owner PM Test Lead
2 For Management/Team Team
3 Input Business Requirement Specification document SRS,
Use Cases
4 Modification
Low Frequent
5 Project /Product Size Large / Medium Small / Medium / Large
6 Scope Entire Project/Product Entire ProjectProduct (SMALL)
Phase (Unit / Integration / System Testing)

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