Database Testing; need for quality product

Database Testing for Quality Products

Until few years back, database testing was done by developers, who also develop the database objects. However, as the complexity of the database increasing, there is a demand of the dedicated test engineer for database who can do the testing as a Black box as well as white box tester. Database testing is important, considering the fact that a business application is about capturing users’ inputs, process them, and save the transactional data back in the database.

There is a need for the test engineers who can test the database’s objects to ensure the early detection of the issues. Considering the importance of the database testing, Database Test plan is now created separately.  A database test plan covers two aspects of the database, black box and white box.

Black box:

Verify the database schema as per the ER diagram.

White box testing:

Unit testing of database object such as Stored procedure, functions etc.

Performance Tuning

Optimization of queries, Query Execution plans, stored procedures, functions.


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