Quality Test cases results in quality Deliveries

Test Cases development is one of the most important activities in the Testing life cycle. Test cases development strategy changes depending upon the type of project, schedule, and input domain. Another challenge for the test engineers to write the effective test cases. First step during the test cases development is to find type of users. Choose those who are going to test the Target Test Item (TTI) using test data

While developing test cases, if we keep in mind the following items, the rework on test cases will be lesser and quality of test cases will be much better.

  • Understand the requirement well. How please refer my blog on Requirement understanding.
  • Find out the type of application and its module:
  • Input Centric application/module: where user has to enter lots of data
  • Querying centric application/module: User has to raise query, such as Reporting modules.
  • Domain Understanding: Learn about domain, it will help in finding gaps.
  • Make control flow on paper:

¨       These graphs need not to follow any conventions. They are only three components in the diagram. One directional line (arrow) to show the direction of control movement, Boxes to show Outputs, line between two boxes used for describing step or input data. We are drawing our understanding on paper. They are just showing the movement of Control from one step to another, information being generated at each step, data inputted at each step.

  • Scenarios development:

¨       Now with the help of control flow, draw scenarios. One scenario is a set/group of test cases, which are verifyin an aspect of System under test. Such as for a scenario “Invalid Login not allowed”, following are test cases,

  • Invalid User name and Valid Password will not be allowed to login.
  • Invalid User name and InValid Password will not be allowed to login.
  • Valid User name and InValid Password will not be allowed to login.

¨       Once the scenarios are ready, develop test cases. You may add/delete/modify the Scenarios, as your test cases development progresses as understanding of system, may require the re-organization.

Test cases development sequence: Develop the test cases in following sequence:

1. One Path Test cases.

Set of Test cases which will cover the functionalities of complete flow, such, from Login -> Searching an Item -> viewing its details -> Add to Shopping Cart -> Make Payment-> Log Out.

2. Alternate Path Test Cases

If you have written test cases for a flow of functionality, then find out the alternate way of performing same task.

3. Integration Test Cases:

Test cases for functionalities, where outcome of one functionality, is used by other. Such as After placing an order, the Order information is saved in database. Another functionality is try to fetch this information for print, query, modification.

4. Boundry test cases:

5. Write test cases for each input box.

6. Test cases to check the database length and length of data in input controls are same.

7. Use Orthogonal Array to reduce the Test cases and test data count.


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