Planning to Outsource Testing: OSTC or OSDC

Outsourcing testing services to outside vendors (we call them extended partners these days) is not a new phenomenon. There are many Offshore Software Testing companies (OSTC) exclusively focusing on testing services, such as AppLabs (acquired by CSC) , NeuSoft etc. Sensing the potential of exponential growth, major Offshore Software Development Companies (OSDC)  are also offering, testing services such as Impetus, Globallogic, Symphony, and Persistent etc.

It is understood that outsourcing the testing will speed up the testing, improve quality, reduce project cost, and lets you focus on business. But when it comes to selecting an outsourced business partner, it becomes difficult to make a choice between OSTC and OSDC offering testing services.

OSDC should be prefered if you have vision to outsource the complete or partial software development in future. There are instances where few customers outsourced the Development and Testing contracts to OSDC and OSTC companies respectively. Usually this happens when a customer has already outsourced testing to some OSTC and now planning to oursource the product development.  Viceversa, if OSDC does not have appropriate capability to provide the testing, customer involves OSTC for testing services. Though OSDC-OSTC collaboration model is also successful, however in such cases ownership and coordination become a big challenge.

Only deterent to go with OSDC is they are more focussed in Software development , hence you need to check their References, Testing infrastructure, Talent pool, Ramp-up capacity, Testing  and Tools expertise, Attrition of testing talent. It is good to look if they have a Testing Center of excellance.

OSTC are usually keeping watch on current Software testing trends and usually acquire required Talent. They invest a lot in research and has right mindset as well as sytem to carry out quality testing.  OSDC has Testing Center of Excellance to serve while in cases of OSTC, the entire company it self become Testing center of Excellence.

Do you think that OSDC should be prefered over OSTC because if required they have software development capabilities. Looking forward to hear your opinions.


One thought on “Planning to Outsource Testing: OSTC or OSDC

  1. Development capabilities might be one of the parameter however it’s all context driven and depends on project state, client company’s capability and intention. Points for considerations like OSDC/OSTC domain understanding and experience in that domain, client company’s relationship and trust level with OSDC/OSTC, Time available for ramp-up of development team to fix the issues etc.
    However, finally if I need a pen I would take it from Raynolds even if he white-marker is not free with him. 🙂

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