44 seconds, to check if you are an Agile team

Does having Daily stand up, Planning, and Retrospective meeting ceremonies, make a Team agile.

Just spent few seconds to respond 11 quick check points, to find out if you are an Agile team. If your response is NO for any question, then you may like to reconsider your claim of being Agile.


Quick Check Items

Your Response (Yes/No)

1 Do the team members have direct access to the Product owner?  
2 Do the Team members know the team’s velocity?  
3 Do the Team member estimate the User Stories without influence of the supervisors?  
4 Do the Team members help each other?  
5 Do the Team members respect viewpoint and skills of other team members?  
6 Do the Team members have courage to accept the mistakes without fear?  
7 Does the Iteration (sprint) size fall below 6 weeks?  
8 Does the Team improve and tracks the action items determined in the Retrospective meeting  
9 Does the Team use various Burn down charts?  
10 Is the Team empowered to push back the change in the scope during the iteration?  
11 Are Items in Product backlog prioritized by their business value?  

These 11 questions look at the existing process from different perspective to evaluate the agility. Leave your comments if you have experience in working with Agile teams.


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